Eternal Truth

Yesterday, you told me
we need to talk
I never doubted
this time would come

Somehow, I always knew
we would meet again
to confront the ghosts
of our past
I always knew

Just as it is certain
that the rains come in May
The sun rises after it sets
The poinsettias color the
world red in November
The fireflies blink light
where the air is pure
Death is sure to end
every life every where
This time would come

Between us an ocean,
different lives with
different perspectives
and the unbroken silence
of several summers
I changed my table calendar
more than ten times
Two years ago, I caught my
reflection in the mirror and
saw a woman who has grown in
years; the white hairs said it all
An eternity has passed
but not for a moment
did I doubt
This time would come

Somehow I always knew
that every truncated
conversation must be finished
Every issue demands a closure
And then we can move on

I always knew
We would
Just as daybreak follows
The most tempestuous night.

-3 May-
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