To Manang Alyce (whom I met after her death)

(This was written the day I signed the petition condemning the death of Alyce Claver, a woman who lived her life for others. The Cordillera race will always be proud of this heroine as it will never get over her death.)

They snuffed out the life force within you,
but the seeds of discontent and enlightenment
germinated as your flesh joined the earth

In life thousands never held your hand;
in death you are there in their hearts
The revolted throng is swiftly trooping
to the thorny trails you sauntered
Your courage paralleled by those who
have gone ahead is their weapon

From my distance, the narrow long road
has been widened by meters and bounds
Youth has quickly blossomed by years
adept to unscramble conundrums of tragedy,
one day after dressing up dolls and draining
the power of battery-operated toy cars
The debilitated resolve of the mass consigned
to hunger and disease is revivified
The voices muted by fear and hopelessness
now demand every ear to listen, every arm to
act, every heart to feel and every mind to grasp

Alyce, your death accomplished that
Alyce, Alyce, listen to the throng
They are all there wanting a piece of you
They want a piece of your cause
Your killing is senseless but your death
is purposeful

Thank you, Manang Alyce. You died that we
in the here-and-now will live abundantly.
I submit my name for inclusion into the list
of those who condemn your death,
but draw strength from it.

-September 2006-
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