My note: Anakbayan released this statement supporting the Libyan's right to self-determination and condemning the West's aggressive war.

Stop Imperialist War of Aggression on Libya!

Anakbayan condemns the US-led imperialist war of aggression against Libya. The armed intervention and bombings violate Libya’s national sovereignty and its people’s right to self-determination. While hiding behind the guise of “rescuing” Libyan civilians, the attacks are actually nothing more than a naked grab for oil and natural gas reserves.

Libyan media reports that more than 40 civilians have already been killed and more than 150 harmed by the airstrikes and deployment of more than 100 Tomahawk missiles by French, US, and UK forces since March 20, only hours after the “no-fly zone” resolution was passed by the UN security council.

While the imperialist powers are claiming it is defending lives in Libya, it has kept silent on the massacre of unarmed anti-government protesters being done by its puppets in Yemen and Bahrain where the US Fifth Fleet is stationed. It snubbed the ouster movement against erstwhile Tunisian dictator Ben-Ali, and even expressed their support for the deposed Egyptian dictator Mubarak at the height of the so-called Egyptian Revolution.

The thin veneer of ‘humanitarian’ motives is similar to the justifications given for the invasion of Iraq in 2003: that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had WMDs (weapons of mass destruction). Eight years after, not a single WMD had been found. On the other hand, the US corporations have carved up among themselves the various industries and sectors of the Iraqi economy.

Like in Iraq, the US and other imperialist powers are salivating over the nationalized oil industry in Libya, which contains the 9th largest oil reserves worldwide, and its government controls the 25th largest oil firm in the world. The US has long wanted to remove Moammar Gadaffi with a puppet in order to secure its economic and geopolitical interests not only in Libya but in the whole MENA (Middle East-North Africa) region.

We call on the Filipino youth and people, as well as all the freedom-loving peoples of the world to condemn the imperialist war on Libya and support the fight of the Libyan people for national sovereignty and right to self-determination.

US, French, British, Italian hands off Libya!
Stop US war on Libya!
Down with US Imperialism!