Senator Leila de Lima used her powers as Secretary of Justice to accomplish the very things she was supposed to stop, all for her personal ambition. She made the already entrenched drug trade proliferate further. She created and empowered drug lords in the National Penitentiary which became the main office of the country's illegal drugs industry. She created more drug addicts by letting loose more drugs in the market. The welfare of the nation was far from her mind. She had an affair with a much-younger married man - her driver over whom she exercised moral ascendancy- and made him her tool to raise money from drugs for herself. She aggravated corruption in the National Penitentiary.
I have to agree now with the President: De Lima was screwing her driver while screwing the whole nation. The two are related. Before, I ranted twice on Facebook that her private life was not an issue. I was wrong. It was an issue. It is.
This war on drugs became necessary because of her. The blood of the innocent casualties are on her hands, too.
As a woman, I am incensed that she keeps using the picture of the oppressed woman as a trump card. She was an oppressor. She continues to be one. No, de Lima, I am not you. My sisters are not you. My mother is not you. My aunts are not you. My daughters are not you. My nieces are not you.
You are not every woman. You are this country's biggest narco-politician who happens to be biologically a woman.
You are sui generis, a class all of your own. Don't make us into your image.
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