Omigosh, omigosh. Not again. Never again.

Who wants a return to the bleak winter of human rights in the Philippines that covered two decades?

There will be blood on the streets. The only sound will be the thud of bodies falling after a long day protesting social injustice. And before the blood of the fallen will dry, more fresh blood will flow like a river. Silence will become the norm.

There will be massive hunger despite the opulence of the very few. Bongbong will be fishing into the pocket of the national treasury as if it is the pocket of his trousers.

Everyday, everywhere in the Philippines, everyone will be experiencing the terrors the indigenous peoples in Mindanao and elsewhere are facing right now.

No to Bongbong Marcos!
Imelda says she wants Bongbong to serve PH “like his father”

Photo Credit: SCMP

  • Former first lady says she believes her son can reach the top someday
  • Her son learned a lot from his father, she says
  • Bongbong earlier said his mother was disappointed in his decision to run only for VP
MANILA, Philippines – Call it a mother’s intuition, but former First Lady Imelda Marcos believes her son Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has what it takes to become president someday.
“Of course, we can only pray that he makes it so that he will have the privilege to serve the Filipino like his father,” she told GMA News.
She was seen accompanying her son to file his certificate of candidacy on Tuesday but did not go inside the COMELEC building due to the crowd.
Imelda earlier defended her husband’s regime as one of the country’s best eras ever and said her son learned a lot from his parents.
“I want him to to be able to serve the country and benefit the country,” she said. “I think he has the potential there and after all he was 21 years in MalacaƱang and he saw how his father and mother were dedicated to the Philippines and to the Filipino people, and that was the best time we had in our history.”
The senator himself said his mother was disappointed by his decision to run only for vice president.
“She’s wanted me to become president since I was three years old. Imagine how disappointed she was,” he said.
Nevertheless, the son and namesake of the late dictator also vowed to return the country to its former glory.
In filing his certificate of candidacy on Tuesday, the senator also noted how he was the seventh person to have filed his COC.
“I was told that when I filed my COC that I am the seventh person to file, so the lucky number 7’s still there for us Marcoses,” he said. “I think it’s a good omen.”
The late strongman believed in numerology and frequently pointed to the number 7 as his lucky number.
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