by Cheryl L. Daytec

The past days have been eventful.

Gloria Arroyo, who is facing cases of plunder and electoral sabotage pending before the Department of Justice, asked the Aquino Administration for leave to travel abroad allegedly to seek medical treatment. The countries she identified as her destinations happen to have no extradition treaties with the Philippines. Coincidental? Hmmmm. Included are Germany and Portugal.

A few years back, Senator Ping Lacson claimed in a privilege speech that then First Gentleman Mike Arroyo deposited a hefty amount of money in Germany sourced from corrupt dealings. It was also reported that the then First Couple purchased an estate in Portugal. Both claims were denied by the Arroyos.

The Aquino Administration is naturally suspicious of the real reason why the Arroyos want to travel abroad. The suspicion was naturally heightened by the fact that the supposed treatment Mrs Arroyo wants to obtain overseas is easily available in the Philippines. It was also heightened when a Dominican online publication reported that Arroyo's application for asylum was granted by the Dominican Republic.

Interestingly, the Arroyos earlier denied that she ever visited the Caribbean lately, but later on admitted that the former dictator visited the Dominican Republic.In the wake of the rejection of her request to travel abroad, the former (unelected) President filed an urgent petition before the Supreme Court asking it to trash the travel ban. Chief Justice Corona who is currently abroad is allegedly set to return to the country. Midas Marquez, his mouthpiece (officially the spokesperson of the Supreme Court) quickly issued a statement denying rumors that Corona is rushing back to ensure that the Court will decide in favor of the Person Who Appointed Him Chief Justice Just Before the Clock Struck Twelve Midnight.

My friend Butch Espere said that since then, this "nursery rhyme" has been circulating: "Doctor, doctor, I am sick./Call Chief Justice very quick!"/"Estelito, Estelito shall I die?" "No my darling you will fly!" Estelito is Atty. Estelito Mendoza, a shrewd/clever lawyer who succeeded in making the Supreme Court change its "final" decision on a labor case that would have cost Philippine Airlines millions of pesos - ON THE BASIS OF A MERE LETTER to the Chief Justice. This is unprecedented.

While singing Butch's rhyme with my son's guitar, I was inspired to write a five-stanza nursery rhyme to be sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Gloria-Renato Duet: Rubbing and Rubbing Back

”Dear Renato, where are you?
Set to go, I fixed my pack
But I can't leave, says Aquino
You're my Trojan horse; come back
Take me to the Caribbean Sea
To Portugal, to Germany.”

“Gloria, Gloria, wait for me
Your petition- you will see
I promised to kiss your ass
You'll be flying business class
The Supreme Court is your tool
While I'm loyal as your fool.”

”Come! Open the gates for me
I need to escape merrily
Before they bust me with a case
For stealing votes with a straight face
For being a plunderer
For doing tricks on fertilizer.”

"I crowned you when it was midnight
To the law, a huge, huge slight
So you need to pay me back
Come hell, or heaven, or the dark
You must shield me from every foe
That’s what they call 'quid pro quo.'"

”Don't you worry-Leila's slow
Her barks -all part of the show
She'll file cases when you are
Safe somewhere in Portugal
Partying with all your cash
While Filipinos eat ash."

”How about my beloved Mike
Will he also take a flight?
He has Jose Pidal’s ID
To get the cash in Germany.”
”Yes, he'll join you, dear Gloria
Leave the tricks to Corona.”

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