Seasons of Cautious Amour
by Cheryl L. Daytec

Across the humid air
we swapped
reluctant smiles
You asked me
my name

Diffidence slipped to ease
when leaves
were a riot of colors
and they were falling
on our shoes trudging
unknown roads
Together, we explored
dark alleys, strange nooks
You kept me from
falling off ravines
And I kept you from
bumping into dead-ends
of walled opportunities

We were bridged
to each other
when whiteness
buried the landscape
and iridescence was sucked in
by cinereal aura
Your arms around me
routed the glacial air
But our laughter was
not for the world to hear

As the crocus struggled
against dormancy
and inched its way
to bring shades to the ground
and the tulips of all shades
conquered the ambience
Our closeness bloomed
like the cherry efflorescing,
its blush of pink
alert with gentle rain,
too loud to contain a secret

The humid air returned
We stood admiring the trees
basking in the sun
and the innocent fragrance
of roses in the wind
I was looking forward
to better tomorrows
The world’s eyes found
a new fixation

Earth drew
an almost full circle
I had reasons to stretch
the space between us
But they were the same reasons
why I stayed in the hook
of your arms
It was déjà vu
we crossed a river to see
what was on the other side
and found what we left

I was smelling the alyssum
when you started talking
about a future
That was when
I chose
over your company

Lest you forgot,
the rainbow is our flag
Unknown to law
Castles in the air
have to be deserted
before they crash.