The world does not belong to this place

Not to this time

Mine. Yours. Ours together

Marooned in contentment


Fear laced with sorrow

Slowly, deliberately slithers

Over our peace

Like a snake after its prey

The longing to remain here

In the circle of your embrace

To say vows

We want to honor

But may not

For to honor them

is to be dishonorable

Tugs, stays, tempts, explodes

Our pace rises to crescendo

Impelled to create as much distance

Between us and the world

Chasing us

When the sun vacates the horizon

Darkness is our wide shawl

Hiding us

From the million prying eyes

Our paths are as clear

As our catastrophe

We walk

One soul

Split in two lonely parts going

To opposite directions

Behind us a crumbling arcadia

That was never really ours to keep/ chyt may2008