"She doesn't know either. She doesn't know the reason why. All I know was Pops is in the dark, taken by surprise."-Martin Nievera speaking for his ex-wife Pops Fernandez on the reason for the break-up of her romance with Jomari Yllana.

(Inspired by the Break-up of Pops and Jomari)

Patent is your wonder: You ask, how did I bear
The pain your leaving caused, colossal as a bear
It matters that I save armaments in my bank
From which I pull vigor; on it I always bank
To survive during times when I am short of air

I’m strong! So now I feel I ‘m quite prepared to air
Questions we must dissect, issues we need to close
So despite our parting, we can stay friends, be close
Tell me the truth: was your noiseless departure due
To harm I may have caused you, far from fairly due?

My nights - restive, perturbed, with guilt I need to fare
Every debt must be paid: A ride demands a fare
State clearly my arrears! You do not have to grill
Me with your dogged silence. Send me behind the grill!
I would much rather bear than stand under a hail

Of reticent sharp glare. Speak! Say, “Pardoned. All hail
To farewell sans remorse.” On your mercy, I’ll lean
We’ll start again as friends; I pray- my hope not lean
We shall embrace candor , discard farce thick as hide
The new slate - clean, shipshape; no shame, no pain to hide.

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